Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 17

Woke up had the same breakfast, never got tired of that breakfast, that was the last breakfast in Paris! 2day we were leaving for Venice. My dad was kinda sick so we stayed in hotel until like 10:00am.

We left and checked out of our room and left for Montmartre, which we had to walk up like 400 steps altogether to get to. We had a walk around inside which was pretty cool, except everyone seemed to be in a trance and it was boring. Then we went to Marie France and jean-louis's place and kinda said goodbye and meet up with my Dad's 2nd cousins. We went out for hot chocolate and coffee. Then we went to the train station and I slept for a while then we boarded the 13 hour over night train to Venice. I slept then woke up in the morning. Named this noob chuck and he took our passports and right now Marc is thinking if Chuck reads this blog he is gonna come in here and say 'my name ain't chuck!
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