Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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So yeah LA, breakfast was really american disgusting stuff provided by the hotel so after that was over we headed to DisneyLand.

We got into DisneyLand and we went to the California Adventure Park first~ (will say the rides we did in order)

Redwood Creek- A childish kind play area that looked better than it was.
Toy Story shooting game- A little spin-around ride where you shot targets and stuff.
No. 1 Roller Coaster- A massive crazy coaster that i chose not to go on because breakfast would not agree with a loop-dy-loop.
Mickey Ferris Wheel- A Child-named Ferris wheel that freaked my dad out because the gondolas where attached to chains and they swung.
Monsters Inc.- A terrible ride which was boring in every concievable way.
Fly-by-california- A 3D no-glasses motion ride where you fly over California virtually, and one scene some people were playing golf and they hit a golf ball right next to us that Marc even ducked.

That was it for that land we had a little hot-dog for lunch before moving onto the DisneyLand in DisneyLand.

Jungle Cruise- They took you on an African safari set with a hilarious guide who made up all these puns about stuff.
Indiana Jones Ride- A roller-coaster ride which we went on twice and my dad was screaming all the way through.
Pirates of the Caribbean- A joy ride where there were only a few rough turns through a themed restaurant area.
Huanted House coaster- A coaster round a relaxing area where they had this really bad comedian loudspeaker voice.
Big Thunder coaster- A wet ride roller-coaster where we went in and out frequently
Matterhorn coaster- Another wet and wild coaster through waterfalls and sprays
Autopia- A drive yourself Race throught mud-water-gravel and grass.
Space Mountain- A crazy dark and faster roller-coaster that did not agree with an ice-cream i had earlier.
Buzz-Lightyear shoot stuff- pretty much the same as Toy-Story!

Finally we ended up going back to the hotel to blog

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