Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 28 ( or 29)

We started of the day at 8:30 and went out to have breakfast round 10:00. I really didn't like any of the breakfast so I managed till lunch without food. Anyway then we headed of to some Segarda Familia basilica that is still in construction even after 150 years!

So we got there and it was a building designed by Gaudi. This really abstract Barcelonan architect who made these weird houses and was entrusted with the construction of this cathedral I thought it was fantastic it really was the coolest looking building I had seen.

After the Gaudi church we went to see some of his houses all gothic style after lunch he had some pretty weird ideas locked up in his head. So basically we looked at his places and then went to the gothic quarter where a bought a lollipop stick. I really was a bit tired but we did buy some lolls for the plane to new York.

Then we took the train to the hotel and blogged in the lobby because our room was being cleaned.

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  1. Do you think it was because of what he ate at Lunch that he had weird ideas???


    I wonder what he thought after dinner ....