Thursday, January 20, 2011


Purple, Orange, Potato.

We headed out to DisneyLand for the World of Colour ( color in america ). It is a musical, water theatre performance thing with fountains and stuff. that looked really cool, they had all of these fountains and globes that went up in the air that had all of these colours projected onto them and you got wet and it was really awesome.

For breakfast we had the same rubbish stuff but it was all go, go, go to get to LegoLand California. It was hour and a half drive out to near San Diego to get there but it was definately worth it.

Well the things that i have best memory of was a pedal ride around LegoLand for a while and Marc and Dad didn't pedal but they still went anyway. Then we went on a seat thing where you had to pull yourself up which i was good at. Then we went to a castle area where we had a run around a playish area before going on a roller coaster called the 'Dragon' where it was a short action-packed ride where you go around a bit. Then we went on a crazy destiny ride where start spinning wildly.

Then we went to an Egyptian area where we had a shoot target ride that we went on twice, then Marc went back on the crazy spinning thing before we went on a cruise around the mini world place and went to a Mindstorms programming Lego game where you had to program bots to pick up items and stuff on Mars. We did that for 45 minutes and then looked around on foot before going home and blogging after the drive.

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