Friday, December 31, 2010

Night 14 / Day 15 / Day 16

After blogging last night we went out 2 a restaurant, literally next door 2 our hotel, 1 of only 2 on France. The restaurant,idk wat it was called, is one where they serve you a full crab shell and all, normal cutlery and a big hammer, so naturally i pick up the hammer and then start lightly tapping the claw, it doesn't work so i wonder why then i smash the crab's claw, sending a shower of shell parts at my family, the chef saw me the comes up takes the hammer of me and gives the other claw a good whack, which was perfect it did massive damage 2 the shell but all the shell stayed on, i got owned. I started 2 feel better when more people came and did the same things!

Woke up at like 5:45-5:30, i slept through the whole night perfectly without waking up once, getting better with jetlag, then went down stairs same breakfast and got ready 2 leave 4 the Musee de Olarangie or somthing, it had massive Claude Monet paintings up 2 17 metres long, with water lilies that looked terrible up close, the guard got angry at me because i looked up to close at the painting!

Next we went shopping, which achieved nothing other than making my feet sore and buying morning tea stuff, we looked in heaps of places with nothing that we wanted so we left with empty hands, we walked back 2 a subway station 2 get 2 Tocadero next to the Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower) 2 hav lunch in cafe that was pretty nice, with steak and good drinks, it was adequate. After my mum saying that it was no hurry when we were shopping we end up walking/running 2 the Eiffel Tower. We had booked tickets 4 1:30pm and we ended up getting there 15 minutes early and lining up, the small line, 2 get up 2 the 2nd floor, after the 2nd floor we decided 2 quickly go 2 the top floor which was surprisingly disappointing because of all the clouds but we did learn that my dad was scared of heights and Australia was 17 622km that way! Lol, so we went back down 2 the 2nd floor and pointed out all of the Museums, and churches and art galleries we had gone 2 in Paris.

We returned 2 the ground floor and went 2 a fairy floss stand that served fairy floss bigger than your head!, finally we took the train 2 another family of Christian Missionaries called the "Mullons" They we pretty KL we talked and stuff then seeing as they had 4 boys, they took us in 2 play a board game ( Marc likes 2 call them 'bored' games because he was always bored but he had fun at least ) the game was a combination of pool, curling and marbles. Then we took the subway back 2 'Argentine', which is the station near my hotel, 2 get 2 my grandfather's house.

We taked a lot and i had a little sleep b4 having a wonderful 6 course meal cooked by my step-grandmother with Sushi, Cheese, Steak, Pie, Bread and Pizza. It was a fantastic end 2 the day.

Day 16 ~ (just pressed caps again soooo annoying!) I woke up well, slept the whole night through until through until 6:30am when we got ready same breaky and left 4 the Catacombs of Paris. We had 2 get there early in order not 2 get stuck in the queue which is espiecialy slow because they only let 200 people in at one time in order not to fill the place up, after getting in and seeing some really KL stairs that we had 2 climb down we entered the catacombs. A narrow entrance path, echoing walls and rank smells, after walking 100m we saw brilliant sculptures of castles and museums and graves and lots of things brilliant. We entered a slightly different walkway, and then Marc realised with a fright that the walls were made of sculls! I was epic, but Marc was completely freaked out! There were arm bones pilled on top of each other lined with sculls and desceased bones pilled ontop, this went on for 1km it was soo KL. We sadly finished the walk and waited for my dad b4 taking the Metro to the Institute of the Arab world which you had a great view of the isle with the Notre Dame and Saint Chapelle. We went across the street to have lunch with my Step-grandmother and grandfather. It was very well made and it was served with bread accompanied with an entree and finished of with a good dessert.

WE left 2 go back 2 the hotel and chilled until we left for my step-grandmother and grandfather's house and blogging.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NIGHT 13 / DAY 14

Night 13 ~ We arrived at my Grandfather's House b4 going out 2 dinner with him, he took us 2 a nice Italian restaurant that served us constantly with nice food, i was still get lagged, but getting better. The entree(sort of)was just some nice thin bread sticks with kept our mouthes busy until we were served our main, i had pasta with mediorcre shrimp, fantastic sauce and good beans. After My mum and my brother getting a mindless dessert we finally set of home(hotel).

DAY 14, ~ I WOKE UP AT AROUND 6'O'CLOCK (I hate my dad's Laptop caps is soo easy 2 press) and had the same breakfast, and quickly moved 2 the Louvre art gallery, the one holding the Mona Lisa. We went in lucky that we got there early because the queue quickly extended into a 3 hour wait line b4 getting in 2 the Louvre. First we had a look at the Ancient Egypt section which would have been more interesting if i spoke fluent French and could read it but it was pretty Kl 2 look anyway. Next we went 2 the Roman/Greek section which had lots of statues of ATHENA(goddess of wisdom and battle plans)(seriously the keyboard caps is annoying me) Then we went on our way to the 'Mona Lisa', i think my mom(i'm so american 'mom') is paranoid because she kept thinking the eyes followed you, she was clearly looking 2 the right, wherever i stood she was looking to the right staring at this massive painting. So yeah the Mona Lisa is a small piece of Da Vinci genius junk wow. Next we looked at dutch paintings but we could only find one name any of us recognised. Then we went down 2 floors 2 see some pretty impressive sculptures of various things, such as greek mythology or a Sphinx.

After the Louvre we got some lunch then headed towards the Notre Dame, the queue was half as long as the Louvre but it was moving 5 times faster so we got in pretty quick, the queue 2 climb was shorter but moving 2 times slower then the Louvre. Then Notre Dame was pretty impressive, hundreds of stained glass windows and many statues but then it was only half an hour but shorter wait and more impressive then the Saint Chapelle.

Then after completing a full scale bottom level survey of the Notre Dame we went 2 the Armour and weaponry and war museum or something like that, there were bunches of swords, plane ww2 bombers, hundreds of cannons and hordes of armour. Some of the weaponry was fascinating, but my feet were very sore at the time so we didn't spent a massive amount of tie=me there. After the museum we went 2 Napoleon's Tomb. This was like the best modern tomb somebody could ever want, gold encased dome-shaped roof, 14 sub-rooms, 2 floors, domed-ceiling, massive sacoughphogus, brilliant paintings,3 staircases, security teams and cameras and 4 hallways! After admiring all that we went back home 2 chilax and blog.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 13 & Night 12

Night 12 ~ Night 12 4 dinner we went 2 another restaurant just up the road and we ordered our food, then my dad ordered raw beef! That pretty much decimated my appetite, and i ordered 2 much food anyway, although it was pretty good!
Day 13 ~ Yeah 4 breakfast we had same as yesterday morning 4 breakfast, but b4 breakfast my brother kept me awake at 5:30am becuz he was bored and he says it is when he usually gets up but i usually get up at like 7:30am. After breakfast we got off early(for french) 2 get 2 an art gallery, which the french call a museum. It was pretty Kl it had a gladiator exhibition heaps of sculptures. After the Musee we walked 2 the isle where the Notre Dame is and on the way we stopped at a cafe and bakery. The cafe was good class, but the hot chocolate which i ordered, but i was literally hot chocolate, very rich chocolate, when i say literall i mean melted chocolate in a cup! The bakery served us gr8 croissants! We walked 2 Sainte Chapelle which is a big tourist attraction even in Northern Hemisphere winter, we had 2 wait like an hour 4 the queue and then my bro brought his knife (pocket knife) so my dad didn't get 2 come in! THE SAINTE CHAPELLE WAS (soz caps) o.k. but wasn't 2 impressive although u thought the bottom was ornate then u climb 2 the top and there r all these windows filled with these catholic paintings, it was kinda KL, but then you think well that's it and you start 2 think if an hours wait was worth it! After Saint Chapelle we went 2 the Notre Dame, but the queue was way 2 long so we took a train 2 the catacombes which there was actually a person saying it would close b4 you got 2 the start of the queue so we went back 2 the hotel, we chilled out 4 abit then met up with my grandfather 2 go out 2 dinner, we havn't had dinner yet.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Day what 11/12

Day 11~ For day 11 we woke up at like 6am 2 catch a train 2 the airport, we did like a 2:30 wait for the plane and we took a plane 2 Paris, the plane was from11:05am - 4:25pm and from Paris -Tokyo, Tokyo was 8 hours L8r. We landed in Paris and moved on a bus 2 near our hotel. It was snowing, aWhite boxing day. We got 2 our hotel and i realised i had been up 4 like 20 hours and i was majorly jet-lagged. We had dinner at a cafe up the road and it was pretty fantastic.
Day 12~ I woke up so many times in the night becuz in Japan it would be 12pm in Japan at the time. I had a classic french breakfast, and it was excellent. After breaky we went 2 see and climb the Arc de Triumph, we had 2 climb 243 steps 2 get 2 the top and my whole family was puffed, except 4 me! The view from the top was brilliant! After the arc de triumph, we went 2 see my Grandfather on my father's side we spent lunch there and also got directions soon we were heading towards the Eiffel Tower. We didn't climb 2 the top but we admired it from afar. We haven't had dinner yet, i am really tired so my blog is brief soz!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Top Ten Tokyo

(really top ten Japan it is just alliterations r so KL!)
1. Vending Machines~Vending Machines in Japan r everywhere and they r fantastic especially my favourite Grape Fanta!
2. Breakfasts! Nearly all the breakfasts were french which is A-O.K with me;)
3. SoftServe Ice cream~ Even though they were Marc's specialty there were so many flavours and they were delicious.
4. Castles~The castles we got 2 see in Japan we amazing double-moats and high towers all blending in with elegance
5.Deer~ The dear in Nara were fantastic we even got 2 feed them.
6. Coi~ the goldfish in Japan we really fun to feed and they always excited you when they jumped and tackled all over each other 2 get food!
7.Ninja stuff~ All the things that Japan had 2 offer for Ninjas were Awesome!
8. Restaurants~I loved moving though all the different Restaurants in Japan they we KL, especially Ninja restaurant, Shibuya!
9. Subway/Railways~The trains and Shinkansens were brilliant movement around Japan.
10. Guides~The guides in Japan helped us understand the area!

P.S. In no particular order
P.S.S Kl stands 4 cool
P.S.S.S Marc is using a Blow drier right now OMG!

Christmas Day, and the Christmas Eve Night.

Santa came, but we were no nice and didn't leave him milk and cookies so he gave us sweets probably to give him next year. That'a pretty much how close to Christmas in Japan u get so here is how Christmas Eve panned out~
Remember back like day 3-4 or something my Dad kept on looking for his imaginary Yakotori Alley on Ginza, well last night we found it. We were treated like dumb tourists who could not take in our surroundings! The Yakotori was probly 2x in price, the drink menu i didn't get 2 see and there were no complementary side dishes and salads, but he food was still fantastic. Literally there were waiters serving the exact same dish, with some salad right next 2 us and we get no side salad :(. We then returned 2 our instant Marc-sad hotel in Ueno. I went2 bed but in the middle of the night i woke up sick, ON CHRISTMAS DAY, so i was all sick and over-heated/de-hydrated. it took me a while 2 get back sleep but in the morning i was a-o.k ;).
Day 10, i think;)~ Woke up had same old French Breakfast i cannot believe we are having French Breakfasts in Japan we are about 2 stay like 15 days in France! So after breaky we caught the train 2 some East Imperial Gardens! So we walked 0.5km from Tokyo Sta. 2 the Imperial Gardens place! once we got there we found this rest area and marc being a person like marc he just sits there for like 1 hour and goes om nom nom 2 his little sweets from Christmas. While he did that we went around the Gardens and looked at some pretty cool garden sculptures while Marc was going play, play play, eat, play, play, play, eat...
After the gardens we went 2 this PokEmon place that Marc wanted 2 go 2 very boring not much 2 it! Then we changed plans 2 go 2 a garden we found near the PokEmon place, he had a boring time unti we found Coi in one of the ponds which we found, we feed them and one had this humongous fat lip! Then Marc and i invented this war game because there were heaps of knolls which were great cover and we ambushed each other.
After that we went 2 Asakusa 2 find some lunch and look at some things in the touristy shopping village we saw all these epic Ninja keyrings, Ninja suits, Ninja katanas and Ninja Stars! I like Ninjas!:)
We left Asakusa 2 go 2 Ahkihubara, electric city. while my mum went 2 a cafe, the biys went and played video games which was pretty fun! We had dinner in Ahkihabura which was nice Yokatorie this time we were treated well, we had an English Speaking waiter an unpaid entree, free refils for drinks, a fantastic election of sauces and nice chopsticks! On the way out with our stomachs filled with delicious food they gave a ice block! Even though it was close 2 sub-zero temperatures we a8 it anyway and it was good. My dad stayed around in Ahkihabura while we travelled back 2 the hotel, he was worried becuz of all of Marc's Drunkards roaming around!

P.S. I do not believe in Santa
P.S.S Happy Christmas and Merry New Year ;P

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Oh yeah hi guys it is Christmas Eve!, not really that big in Japan, yesterday was bigger some Emperor's B-Day. Any ways 2day we had another french breakfast in Ueno (pronounced Uewanyo). We then went 2 the Emperor's Tokyo palace, fortunately for Marc it was closed, unfortunately for the rest of us it was closed so we decided 2 switch plans 4 2day with 2morrow so we went 2 Hakone to get some sweet views of Mt Fugi.
Half an hour on the train to somewhere then half an hour again 2 get 2 a place with a cable car. We took the cable car across gorges and alpine golf fields then landed some place 2 hav lunch. We took this epic boat across some water and you could literally smell the sulfur coming form the hot springs. After taking pics on the boat next to some statues we landed back at a bus stop 2 take us 2 a train station, but it wasn't meant 2 be. We walked 2 kilometres through fabulous scenery and got 2 a gr8 viewing point of Mt Fugi. We walked it 2 the nxt bus stop and caught the bus then train back to ODAWARA.

Odawara Castle~ after arriving in Odawara we went 2 the castle, Marc was craving really badly for a soft serve ice-cream so he thought Odawara was Japanese for soft serve. We climbed to the high grounds of the castle and thought of ways ninjas could scale it. We found a vending machine in Odawara Castle that dispensed ice-creams, but not soft serve, Marc still went bananas. We waited for the Shinkansen which is bullet train in Japanese 2 get 2 Odowara(soft serve) so we could get back 2 Train terminal, in the w8 we found this gaming place with heaps of Video Games, Marc and I had a couple of Spins b4 getting on the train 2 Tokyo.

Dinner~We took the train one stop from Tokyo 2 some suburb to go to Yakotori (chicken skewer) alley for dinner, it was supurb, really good so we left with our stomachs filled, while we where there we had, Gizzard Skewers, Liver Skewers, Chicken Skewers, Pork Skewers, Eggplant Skewers, Heart Skewers and Tongue Skewers, I made a nice spicy soy based spice sauce, but make thought i was being gross, but he can hardly talk seeing as he likes Peanutbutter, Honey, Jam and Vegimite Sandwiches. After leaving back to get the train 2 Ueno we talked and walked and thought about how my dad hadn't failed at taking us places in the past 3-4 days, spectacular really, anyone reading should clap him on, come on clap, clap, clap! After Marc's non-stop speech about us promising him a soft-serve at Osaka castle and the shop closing while we were making personally made coins we finally found a soft serve place in Ueno, his moaning stopped and we finally made it into the hotel!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

DAY #8

Hello, Earth from Ryan! Yo, yo, yo! 2day we went 2 the Zen gardens they were dumb, yet beautiful, Marc was a boring person and kept reading and didn't see any gardens! BLAH! We then hailed a cab from the gardens 2 kyoto station and caught the train 2 Tokyo then 2 Ueno, according 2 statistics there are 1 vending machine per every 25 peeps on Japan, they sell Grape fanta.

We ended up in a dump of a hotel and looked around Ueno, Marc thinks people who lives in Ueno are druken slags, so he got grumpy!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Night 6 and Day 7

For Dinner Night6/7 we had the same thing, it was really good and my dad didn't steal my food which was awesome, although my brother was pestering me to get my fantastic meat, but he had the exact same dish so i just think he's a whiny noob.

Day 7 was really eventful, we had 4 massive things such as the Kyoto Shogun Tokugawa Imperial Castle, which was pretty boring, then we went to the Kyoto Imperial Palace, which was interesting but uneventful. Then we took the train to Osaka and we got to see the biggest aquarium in the world! As we entered there were informative things saying we were touring around the 'ring of fire'! We saw massive sea otters get fed, Whale Sharks roam and get fed, dolphins doing tricks in the air and getting fed, porpoises playing with basketballs and jelly fish sticking to glass, it was easy to believe that they could not process thought. Every time a penguin or Sunfish came up to Marc and I we went 'Hello' in these stupid tones. After the Aquarium we went to Osaka castle, it had a massive moat and Marc kept on criticising the defences of Japanese, but i admired them as you could push a boat down the wall and get into the moat with a quick getaway. We made our own coin and Osaka castle was at least 50m tall. On the way back to our hotel in Kyoto i called Marc a dinosaur and then he kept going on about being a 62 million year old pimply beast who had been to almost every country in the world.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Night 5 and Day 6

Night 5~ We go out from the Village Hotel Kyoto, and make it to this place where they cook the food in front of you, idk wat it is called. So they make us the food, i decide to get some beef ribs. They serve us the food and then my dad starts eating all my cabbage, now i usually wouldn't care nut this was seriously good cabbage, with marinated sauce and my dad is just there going om nom nom, i didn't say anything because he gave me a squid leg, but still! Then we went out for Chicken Skewers. We get back to the hotel and find these cool Japanese Pyjama clothes which looked epic.
Day 6~ Wake up in the morning and at 7:30 they serve us some revoulting japanese breakfast, it was foul and they gave us all these salted things and it was gross, so we went out and bought some breakfast.
WE went down to the lobby to meet up with this guide she took us on the train to Nara, the old captital of Japan whhich is full of agressive deer. We walked around Nara until we got to a temple with some 20m tall Buddah in it we walked around and crawled through a hole the size of the 20m Buddah's nostrile. We got some food and fed the deer who ran into me and bite because of my food. We then took this 1 hour walk around a lanturn park which had 714 lanterns the way we walked which i counted, becuz thats wat i do.
WE took a train back to Kyoto and went to this massive arch way with lots and lots of big gates that you can go on a 2 hour walk, now these were 2 metres at a max apart and the went on for at least 10 kilometres.
We then walked to some boring Cemetery and got some foreign ice-cream which basically cleared out the day!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 5

Day 5~Woke up, had French Breakfast, haven't even had a breakfast other than French in another country yet! Work that out, yeah so we met up with our guide, who happened to be the Kobe missionary(we didn't pay her) and went to a Japanese Supa Market.
We found beef and pork at 1000 dollars, not yen a kilo. We also found 50 dollar+ rockmelon and more expensive grapes, fresh food in Japan is really expensive! then we went 2 a 100yen shop kinda like a 2 dollar shop, except everything is 105yen including tax, the prices are strict.
Went up and down the 100yen store, saw a cool skateboard/sk8bored shop and found a 100yen cookery items shop, after exploring the place, we went up this really tall sight seeing tower which was pretty boring. We collected our bags from our hotel and caught a train 2 Kyoto and basically went here, haven't had dinner yet. Marc and i found all these cushions and jumped onto them time and time again. WE got 2 LOUD and got sent 2 write the blog.
Later at 9:09pm Japan time~ L8r back in Shibuya on the first day our dad chucked out 2 wheat insulation heat packs to warm us up at night, although he thought we would not have a microwave, so we chucked them (they were 3 kilo's) and then at Kyoto, here, we found a microwave, go figure!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Night 3 and Day 4

Ok same as b4 read parents blogs first,

Night 3- We left our hotel to go to some awesome Ninja Restaurant (which my dad went 2 the day b4 to make sure we didn't get lost, as well as booking a place so we didn't end up in some disgusting sushi train) and once we arrived it ended up like this- We were greeted at reception and showed through this awskom hidden door and brought through Ninja training, there were waterfalls, hidden staircases and seemingly magical drawbridges. After we passed our Ninja training we went to the Restaurant and ordered food, we had 10 courses, the ones i remember were; Ninja Charcoal Shuriken Stars which were edible and delicious, my course was also served with an exuberent octopus castle wall, next we had snails which were cooked very well and were served with a fantastic eruption of Ninja style flames, next the served salad with a Ninja black box that had been filled with liquid nitrogen then re-heated, it was hiding an egg in all the steam which was filled with jelly as u cracked it and made a dressing for the salad. Course 8 was the main dish and was fantastic Korean Style Pork for me. After dessert a head Ninja came to the table and showed a display of impossible magic tricks which involved slipping a card out from under my hand with out my noticing and turning a real deck of cards into a glass brick right in between Marc's hand he was an exceptional Ninja.

Day 4~ After sleeping the night at our room we got up really early to catch a train to Kobe, we had bought Breakfast the day b4 but it was groos, except marc got a fatty cake with chocolate layered bread, and that was breakfast, it made me want to puke. Anyway we got on a 3 hour train trip to Kobe, which usually would have also made me puke but it was a pretty good train and i was reading most of the time anyway. After 3 hours of train we dumped our bags at our hotel and even after my dad's previous comment on my last blog post i was utterly convinced that my dad could not use a Global Positioning Station! After finally making to our hotel we went with our Christian Missionary Friend who was living in Kobe Japan for a missionary mission to her church and spent the whole day there, we spent lots of time teaching Japanese people English but it was basically playing on the iPad interacting with Japanese people. Eventually we got back to the hotel and now i am typing this blog

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Night 2 and Day 3!

Hello guys, you should probably read my mum and dad's blog before mine.

Night 2,- We were just out looking for some restaurant with chicken kebabs out in Tokyo on the street and we end up walking around for half an hour looking for some stupid restaurant and finally we go to one that would have taken 3 minutes to walk to!

Morning 3- we end up going back to that Frech place for breakfast before catching some trains to a garden like temple thingy. It turns out it is a fortuitous day for having weddings so there are like 5 weddings going on at once and there are police guards trying to stop you moving one step, we did see some pretty cool gateways though, the biggest being 15 metres tall and 1.2 metres in diameter for the 2 poles, that makes it the largest in Japan.

Midday 3- We took the train to Akihaburra or something like that, which is kinda like electricity town with anime and televisions and camera's and everything. We ended up in a 'Sega' club and we played video games for about half an hour. On the way 2 some star wars figurines we wound these EPIC electric and bass guitars they were multi-coloured lightning design and squire make! After dabbling into seeing some cool star wars figurines and looking for aussie versions of games that had not come out in Australia we got lost looking for a train line! We spent about 25 minute's looking for a train station which would have taken us 2 seconds to locate if my dad remembered his iphone g-4 had a GPS.

Afternoon 3- We took the train to a place called Ginza and spent a good hour looking for a restaurant with chicken kebabs, my dad really wants to eat some chicken kebabas obviously, so then we end up at some sushi shop with disgusting food and after paying of 1,000 yen there i went and bought myself some bread rolls.

Evening 3- Mum, Marc and I then took the train back to Shibuya where our hotel is while my dad went into the actual suburb of Tokyo to visualise the restaurant we are eating at tonight to avoid spending hours looking.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 1/2, Tokyo!

Hey guys, I'm writing to you from Tokyo, Japan. We landed in on the 16th of December 2010 at about 5:10 Japanese time, which is 2 hours slower then Australia!. Anyway we caught a 'Narita Express' train to our hotel in Shibuya and had a nice Japanese style dinner before going to bed at the Excel Hotel.

Ok, on day 2 in Japan we woke at about 7:30am Japanese time after waking up at about 5am in the morning after returning to sleep because of jet-lag. We went down stairs and found a french pattisserie for breakfast! For buying food it is about $1-80 yen, but everything is expenisve so keep it to $1-100 yen so you are not dissapointed!

For day 2(today) we hired a cool Japanese guide to show us all around Tokyo! First she took us to the fish markets which are world famous. We ended up seeing some pretty massive fish, the tallest taller then me! Anyway we saw squid, cuttlefish, crayfish, live crab, lobster, eel, salmon and trout. We saw a massive sharp blade perfectly shear salmon into 100g cuts!

Next we went with our guide to the Hama-rikyu gardens which are among the biggest in Japan, kind of like Centennial Park except you have to pay! They were nothing short of fantastic and after that we took a ferry around up two the top of a river.

After a 40-minute ferry trip we went to have a delicious lunch at a noodle shop and the food was fantastic, anyway after lunch we continued to a giant festival having buddist temple, best of all we went into a Ninja/Samuri shop which fetured some pretty cool weapons.

When we had finished dabbling into some old culture of a temple that had been there for 600 years we decided to go another Japanese garden which featured feeding some 'coi'- fish, and ducks. Then we took a train back to a veiwing spot of Tokyo of whick you can see Mount Fugi. Finally we got back on a train and headed back to our hotel!