Saturday, January 8, 2011

day 24

Hey, hey nooboids! This is Ryan Round the World reporting to you! I hope you enjoy this extremely expansive blog talking to you about Ryan and his family Roaming Round Rome! I don't think i blogged last nights dinner so i might give you a little turn of how it went!

Now it is my known saying to go Brawhahaha in the second paragraph so here goes something (i don't get it when people say here goes nothing) ~ BRAWHAHAHA, BRAWHAHAHA, BRAWHAHAHA, BRAWHAHAHA, BRAWHAHAHA, BRAWHAHAHA, BRAWHAHAHA, BRAWHAHAHA, BRAWHAHAHA, BRAWHAHAHA, BRAWHAHAHA, BRAWHAHAHA, BRAWHAHAHA.

Now last nights dinner was a bit of night 2 experience, we walked all along way seeing heaps of restaurants even studied the one we ended up going to in great detail, we turned down ones with only 2 people eating in it, we almost walked up to the train station to find a good restaurant, finally we walk all the way back almost to the convent and we go back to a restaurant a minutes walk form the convent, my family is starting to develop a skill for that. ( I really dislike unnecessary walking with my family ).

For dinner i chose to only have a 'Primi Piatti' (first course) which would fill me stomach right up! So I chose to have the rice with seafood (felt like i was back in Japan). It was fantastic and macro had a gnocchi with gross stuff. I really dislike gnocchi, apparently i had like the best gnocchi in Venice but it made me puke! (almost) (BRAWHAHAHA)

After we had finished dinner Marc had sworn he saw a gelateria place on our long aimless to find a restaurant so he takes us all the next to the railway station to a gelateria that had been closed for 2 hours i mean you think with his obsession he could tell that so we ended up not having gelato for dessert.

We got back to the convent and i fell back to sleep OH YEAH!

I woke up in the morning the next day and i'm like WOAH! look at the time it is like so early, so i fell back to sleep with a BRAWHAHAHA! Then i woke up ( and stayed up ) got ready for the day ahead of me and went down for breAKFAST (i hate the caps key) and it was the same breakfast as before those nuns are CHEAPOS they only give us bread (really hard bread) and butter with jam, and terrible tasting hot chocolate!

So we left and went to the Vatican, new country you know pretty KL, you guys don't do that every day sadly for you. So for the Vatican we had this suckish, noobful, son of a Beiber of a guide who was a boring archaeological person who had no care to go to the sisteen chapel and almost made the whole group miss it and they would have been like 'OMG YOU SON OF A BEIBER STUPID GUIDE, DIE DIE DIE!!! BRAWHAHAHA BRAWHAHAHA BRAWHAHAHA! STOOGE OF A GUIDE WE ARE ALL GONNA KILL YOU DIE DIE DIE!' (ahhh let my anger). But yeah dumb guide you know!

Inside the sisteen chapel Michaelangelo had done a bang up job painting it all but i couldn't get that Idiotic guide out of my head so it was Meh, then we went to the Crypts of the biggest church in the world 'St Paul's Basilica' the crypts we normal they had these nuns singing praises to the last pope and stuff.

Then we went to the upper level of the basilica which was humongous and as advertised had the sizes of other churches around the world. I'm kinda getting bored now so i might be briefer. We walked around the church and saw all the domes and left.

Then we went to a castle with awesome battlements and stuff before catching a cab home to blog!

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  1. LOL I like that insult, Son of a Bieber ...

    I think I might have to start using it :)