Friday, December 31, 2010

Night 14 / Day 15 / Day 16

After blogging last night we went out 2 a restaurant, literally next door 2 our hotel, 1 of only 2 on France. The restaurant,idk wat it was called, is one where they serve you a full crab shell and all, normal cutlery and a big hammer, so naturally i pick up the hammer and then start lightly tapping the claw, it doesn't work so i wonder why then i smash the crab's claw, sending a shower of shell parts at my family, the chef saw me the comes up takes the hammer of me and gives the other claw a good whack, which was perfect it did massive damage 2 the shell but all the shell stayed on, i got owned. I started 2 feel better when more people came and did the same things!

Woke up at like 5:45-5:30, i slept through the whole night perfectly without waking up once, getting better with jetlag, then went down stairs same breakfast and got ready 2 leave 4 the Musee de Olarangie or somthing, it had massive Claude Monet paintings up 2 17 metres long, with water lilies that looked terrible up close, the guard got angry at me because i looked up to close at the painting!

Next we went shopping, which achieved nothing other than making my feet sore and buying morning tea stuff, we looked in heaps of places with nothing that we wanted so we left with empty hands, we walked back 2 a subway station 2 get 2 Tocadero next to the Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower) 2 hav lunch in cafe that was pretty nice, with steak and good drinks, it was adequate. After my mum saying that it was no hurry when we were shopping we end up walking/running 2 the Eiffel Tower. We had booked tickets 4 1:30pm and we ended up getting there 15 minutes early and lining up, the small line, 2 get up 2 the 2nd floor, after the 2nd floor we decided 2 quickly go 2 the top floor which was surprisingly disappointing because of all the clouds but we did learn that my dad was scared of heights and Australia was 17 622km that way! Lol, so we went back down 2 the 2nd floor and pointed out all of the Museums, and churches and art galleries we had gone 2 in Paris.

We returned 2 the ground floor and went 2 a fairy floss stand that served fairy floss bigger than your head!, finally we took the train 2 another family of Christian Missionaries called the "Mullons" They we pretty KL we talked and stuff then seeing as they had 4 boys, they took us in 2 play a board game ( Marc likes 2 call them 'bored' games because he was always bored but he had fun at least ) the game was a combination of pool, curling and marbles. Then we took the subway back 2 'Argentine', which is the station near my hotel, 2 get 2 my grandfather's house.

We taked a lot and i had a little sleep b4 having a wonderful 6 course meal cooked by my step-grandmother with Sushi, Cheese, Steak, Pie, Bread and Pizza. It was a fantastic end 2 the day.

Day 16 ~ (just pressed caps again soooo annoying!) I woke up well, slept the whole night through until through until 6:30am when we got ready same breaky and left 4 the Catacombs of Paris. We had 2 get there early in order not 2 get stuck in the queue which is espiecialy slow because they only let 200 people in at one time in order not to fill the place up, after getting in and seeing some really KL stairs that we had 2 climb down we entered the catacombs. A narrow entrance path, echoing walls and rank smells, after walking 100m we saw brilliant sculptures of castles and museums and graves and lots of things brilliant. We entered a slightly different walkway, and then Marc realised with a fright that the walls were made of sculls! I was epic, but Marc was completely freaked out! There were arm bones pilled on top of each other lined with sculls and desceased bones pilled ontop, this went on for 1km it was soo KL. We sadly finished the walk and waited for my dad b4 taking the Metro to the Institute of the Arab world which you had a great view of the isle with the Notre Dame and Saint Chapelle. We went across the street to have lunch with my Step-grandmother and grandfather. It was very well made and it was served with bread accompanied with an entree and finished of with a good dessert.

WE left 2 go back 2 the hotel and chilled until we left for my step-grandmother and grandfather's house and blogging.

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