Sunday, January 16, 2011

Can't keep track of Days!

So at some day on some night we went out to this restaurant named Capitol. So it was this family laughing pub kind of restaurant with everybody laughing and talking and stuff. So it was a bit loud, anyway i ordered the ribs and they were sooo gooood!!! The had a nice rich sauce and the ribs were perfectly seasoned.

In the morning the next day u had a better un-jetlagged sleep and went down to have the same breakfast before going on a big walk around the mall area stopping at the white house, and looking at washington monument before making it to this mundane Lincon Memorial. The only highlight was eating Oreo's with double stuff!

We walked back towards the Air and Space Smithsonian Museum. We had a 20-30minute walk to get there from the Memorial so we had a lot of time to throw snowballs. Any way we got there and had a little look at the air part and i didn't much enjoy it so we kind of didn't do any more air rooms because we all they were mundane.

Next we walked (got escalated) up to floor 2 where we watched a half-hour documentry on black holes which was really intresting to hear Einstien's theroies and predictions about Time, Space.

Later we saw all these cool Space modules planetary diagrams and celestial touch downs. We went into interactive rooms where i found out my reaction time is on average about 217 milliseconds.

We ended up walking home again and i didn't get time to blog so we went out to get some dinner at some really cool meat place where they have meat on these massive metal skewers and they cut of peices for you to eat! I was pretty much literally in my happy place!

Then we got back to the hotel went to sleep and here i am blogging from like 6:30 in the morning!

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