Saturday, January 15, 2011

Marc is nuts now

( really crazy, obsessed, possessed, chaotic, destructive, hyperventilating, red-eyed, ghastly, attacking brother right now )

So we woke up in Barcelona and got to the airport so we could leave to the US. We got on a plane to new York for a 9 hour flight then a 5 hour wait in new York then 1 hour trip to Washington then a cab to our hotel. That was that day.

Now we woke up in DC at round 5 cuz of jet lag so everyone but marc was up early in the morning, my dad had a business meeting so he ditched early to go to Virginia.

The buffet breaky the hotel served was so american. But with dad gone we decided to check out the national mall, with washinton monument, 17 DC smithsonian museums and the Capitol.

We decided to get information first at the smithsonian castle and we found that the only thing open was the engraving and note making place so we headed there. It was a decent walk to get to the museum and a small walk around inside with a guide a learnt a bit such as,
The average life span of a 1 dollar bill is 21 months
They only have 2 note making facilities
And 4 coin mints
They think they have good security
But nowhere close to the Aussie notes.

Next seeing as we Learnt that dad was scared of heights we took a trip up what was the tallest building before the Eiffel Tower and still is the tallest pure stone structure, the washinton monument. You could only see north south east and west from the top so it was pretty restricted bit you could see all the smithsonian museums and the potomac along with all other famous buildings in DC.

Next we went to our first smithsonian museum the natural history museum. First. We had a look at all the ancient mammals and how they evolved into what they are today then we saw the African religions and origins. Next we saw the ocean area where our dad met us I really enjoyed the ocean part as there we real giant squid and massive right whales.

After this we went to the dinosaur area which I also found interesting seeing all the fossils and dinosaurs I had read about come to life in virtual animations was amazing. After this we went to see the fossils Part where they had not only dinosaurs but a range of plant animal and humanoid fossils.

Then we had we had a look at more present mammals and how they had become into being. Next we had a look at my specialty the ancient marine animals the ammonites and trilobites evolving in to sea dwelling reptiles that had become the fish and sharks of modern day life.

We then had a quick look around upstairs at the geodes and world famous jewels and gems that are known by almost everyone. We saw the butterflies and human origins which was about how the human evolved in the homo sapiens sapiens that dominate the world. Did you know that you are 60% banana tree and 75% chicken.

Finally we headed back to the hotel with snowball fights along the way.

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  1. Lol. You get why I dont eat meat now? U said we're 75% chicken. If we eat chicken meat, then that would mean we're eating our half sisters/brothers... Right? lolz