Sunday, January 16, 2011

Next Day

Hey, Hey blobs! While i'm walking around DC you guys will be seating your fat buts on a chair of worse couch to read my blog, now is your last chance to turn your backs and stop reading before you get sucked into my fabulous literature and don't stop till the end.

Now after i blogged early morn we had the same breakfast and yeah, so we headed out for the day to the international spy museum. It was a completely random museum with heaps of downs and a few ups ( in my opinion ) but the first hour was fantastic.

The first hour was operation spy it was for above 12 year olds but i did it anyway! My parents really had a look around because it was a bit of and athletic activity so they had look at the museum and the mall. So first we had to find a secret entrance to the fake ' Republic of Kandar ' which is in Asia. We had got briefed on our mission by rendezvous agent and introduced to our senior mission controller 'Sara' my codename was assigned '911' and we moved in. We had bugged a hotel with camera's to have a look AT A SECRET MISSION BETWEEN A SUSPECT AGENT AND A ( stupid caps key ) man in a suit. I tracked the man in the suit with macro while the rest of the agents followed the suspect agent 'Topaz'. We had to move into a decrypting room at headquarters to decipher an encrypted call from the area one voice being the man in suit the other being a SUSPECT CRIMINAL who stole a nucleur trigger from his own power plant. After the encrypted call we decided to storm his house which was empty luckily for us but we still had to deal with security. Once we were in i found the most important document in the room on confirming that he had stolen the trigger and there was going to be an exchange, it was locked in a box under a table out of view. So then it was all spy stuff from there and stuff then we got 4 out of 5 and blah, blah.

We had a look at the museum and i found it boring because i was really famished and unreasonably sad. So finally we went out to this sub-way kind of shop for lunch i had yummy items which i found yummy and itemly.

WE had a walk around Capitol and because of my high sugar levels i was fantastically bouncy! then we split up so Marc could have a cinema movie with dad and i could have a better look at the interactive room in the air and space museum! I had fun there and then mum ( mom ) wanted to have a look at a peacock room with this long boring history before we went to the hotel to blog and stuff and play TETRIS'D on the CPU but Marc and dad still aren't back from cinema!

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