Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I am giving up with days!

After Marc and Dad got back from the Cinema we went out for happy hour foods down in the lobby, which was like a free entree to dinner, we weren't really hungry for dinner so we just went down to the restaurant down stairs for a fish and chips.

The next day we choose to rent a car after breakfast and go to the national air and space museum hanger where all the planes where held as well as a space shuttle. There were heaps of cool planes Concords (which my dad had flown in ), Blackbirds ( which my dad hadn't ) and B-29 Super-Fortresses that had dropped bombs on Hiroshima (My dad had not flown in that one). That was just to name a few there were monoplanes, flying wings and a whole bunch of other planes. In the space part the had missiles that could be dropped from space, rocket models and an actual Space Shuttle that had been into space. Then we went up in a control tower with a bunch of other noobs, but it was boring anyway so we went back down with more noobs.

Next we took our car to George Town which is the old part of DC which was full of embassies and annoying roundabouts. We also stopped to look at this mall which was disappointing so we wentback home for dinner which was the Capitol Hill pub bar restaurant thingymagicicallything. I had a shredded beef burger.

In the morning we went to the Airport really early like 5am. Which was infuriating because just yesterday i was in sync with the Washington time-zone. So we got there in a cab and did the american airline check in thing and past security we found out we had rubbish seats that were all apart, so my mum sweet-talked the gate guard thing and we ended up all sitting either next to each other or behind, i even didn't have to sit next to anyone weird (unless Marc counts). So we did the plane trip this to LA we stopped in St Louis to like get some people and drop some people before heading on we did the whole get everything done before leaving the airport to rent a car and drive all the way home.

We had lunch in this chain McDonalds like place called "Denny's" i was adequate so we asked the hotel where the biggest mall was, it was about a 15 minute drive away including mishaps but we got some quality shopping done there for clothes. We ended up dropping dad back of at the hotel and going back to do something and then go back to the hotel to just relax for a while before going to dinner at the international House of Pancakes (Ihop) Which is next door to the hotel, i only had a fruit bowl because i wasn't hungry and it was the only thing that wouldn't make me puke.

I'm blogging at 5:49am LA time :(.

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