Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 22

Brawhahahaha, didn't like me wasting your life last time did you guys, well too bad, read to the end of the paragraph, Brawhahaha.

Night 21 ~ We went out for dinner and i had ravioli, not much to it Brawhahaha.

Day 22 ~ So we woke up in florence having our last day there, before going to Rome, we really didn't have much of a plan after discussing over the hotel buffet breakfast, all we wanted to do was the Academia gallery in florence before going to Rome, the academia was kinda of a big deal because it had Michael Angelo's sculptures of King David and a couple more of his famous sculptures. So we went through there and had a look at some really odd instruments, ranging from one string to 50. There was also this really awesome chinese upside-side-down bell that made this really load sound through friction. So the bell was filled with water, you rubbed your hand in it then used the water as a friction booster so you could make louder vibrations on the handles.

After short deliberation we chose to take a 1 hour train trip to the coastal town of Toscana, Pisa. There really wasn't much doubt on what to do once we got to Pisa, we took a cab to the leaning tower of Pisa (duh). It was fantastic to see form the out side but then we booked tickets to go inside and that was awesome. I raced up the staircase (not really the person infront of me was sooo fat) and made it to the top of the leaning tower of pisa, of which you could see of pisa from. Then i sprinted backdown and we took a cab back to the station to get back to florence.

As soon as we got back to florence Marc insisted we got a gelato but seeeing as it was the end of christmas, there were massive parades going around the duomo, and we had to wait a while before getting a gelato then getting our bags and going to the station.

We boarded a train to Rome (Duh) and got to Rome (double Duh) and took a cab to our Convent (Nunary, Girl Monestary, whatever you want to call it) before ditching our packs and taking a look at the Collesseum of Rome. It was pretty fantastic we walked all the way round before Marc insisting we had another gelato ( we just had one after lunch didn't we). Then walking back home and having leftover of a boring lunch for dinner and blogging.

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