Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 20 ( I think )

Blaxhh, I woke up really early in the morning like at 3:00am and then I fell back to sleep. I just wasted your time. Brawhahaha, unneeded info, my specialty, oh yeah, Brawhahaha, wasted 10 seconds of your life, and I am so keeping them! Brawhahaha!

Woke up and got ready, Marc is really sloth like in the morning, he is a silly person, in Paris he gets me up at 5 an in Venice, om nom nom, stay in bed 4eva. We went out 2 a bakery 2get bread ( duh! ).

My dad was having an espresso in a coffee shop, u know he is super defensive about coffee, Marc likes to tic him of by saying expresso ( Emphasis on the X.) so then he gets all angry and hypo because of all the eXpressos he has had and all the caffeine he has had, I can't see why he likes them they r so small, he had like 3 for breakfast.

After breakyfasty we went to the ghetto quarter in venice it was dumb, and pointless except for the big well in the middle of the campo and the gun shop. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, we stayed there for like 26min, then we went back to the monastery to check out and stuff.

Next we went to the academia art gallery where all the people had halos and this noob who we found out was called st. Sebastian, was this immortal guy who can catch arrows and not die when they poke out of him at random intervals. Marc also punched me for no random reason and my dad got angry at him and I was like owwwwww, and he was like moapy sad.

We took a boat to this church which was famous and it was really expensive so only my dad went in, but after that we went to this awesome hands on Leonardo da Vinci museum which you could test out machines based on drawings by da Vinci. I liked this big fan which was really nice and brezzy.

We bought these humongous pizza slices from metre in diameter pizza's I got 2. Then we walked randomly leading and going nowhere in particular and just dawdling, my dad was really annoying cuz he had his camera and was going snap, snap oh look t-shirt, he takes 400photos a day on average. But we did get a cool t shirt for me where a dog had homework inside.

We had to get our bags back from the monastery and go to the train station to catch a train to florence which is the train I am blogging to you from.

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  1. LOL I love your Posts, the Lad who tells it like it is.

    You are welcome to my 10secs, may there be many more.

    But I will bring you up on one point, Its MY camera, not his ;)