Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blog to end all blogs!

Hey, I'm like tired person so I am sleepy dude right now. It is about 9:30pm and I just feel tired.

So today we went to Disney land to do a redo of things we loved or didn't have the opportunity to do in the first place, it was a disappointment to see that the water rides were closed but we continued on to the Disney disneyland to go near space mountain. We went on the shoot em up game first where I owned everyone scoring a whopping 178 000 points.

I had just had breakfast so seeing as what it did last time to my stomach I decided to go on a different roller coaster while mum and Marc regretted their choice for the mountain.

While they did that dad and I went on the Matterhorn bobsleds for a ride, sadly we got put on the childish side of the Matterhorn so that prepared my stomach for the redo of it on the good side with mum and Marc.

After the Matterhorn we chose to go to the big thunder coasters ride which was a fairly long queue to get there but it was worth it to go for a second spin the slow ups building up to the spiraling downs was a great experience.

Then we went on a small coaster that we didn't go on last time before heading on a train ride around Disneyland Disneyland to get to the Indiana jones ride which we went on once where you notice things that you had never noticed before such as massive boulders rolling towards you face and a projection of rocks that you run into.

Then we had a little lunch before going back on Indiana for our final ride in Disney Disneyland. We went out to go to California adventure disneyland for
the other shoot em up game which I got owned at.

That was all we got before heading back home after Marc turning down a final ride, we headed to the airport and departed with dad so he could continue on a business trip while we started to blog at gate 121. We had dinner at the airport as well.

Last night dinner like lego land dinner was in down town disney for our last real dinner overseas :( I had a delicious full rack of ribs perfectly seasoned before falling to sleep at awesomely placed hotel right outside Disneyland.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Purple, Orange, Potato.

We headed out to DisneyLand for the World of Colour ( color in america ). It is a musical, water theatre performance thing with fountains and stuff. that looked really cool, they had all of these fountains and globes that went up in the air that had all of these colours projected onto them and you got wet and it was really awesome.

For breakfast we had the same rubbish stuff but it was all go, go, go to get to LegoLand California. It was hour and a half drive out to near San Diego to get there but it was definately worth it.

Well the things that i have best memory of was a pedal ride around LegoLand for a while and Marc and Dad didn't pedal but they still went anyway. Then we went on a seat thing where you had to pull yourself up which i was good at. Then we went to a castle area where we had a run around a playish area before going on a roller coaster called the 'Dragon' where it was a short action-packed ride where you go around a bit. Then we went on a crazy destiny ride where start spinning wildly.

Then we went to an Egyptian area where we had a shoot target ride that we went on twice, then Marc went back on the crazy spinning thing before we went on a cruise around the mini world place and went to a Mindstorms programming Lego game where you had to program bots to pick up items and stuff on Mars. We did that for 45 minutes and then looked around on foot before going home and blogging after the drive.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

( no title )

So yeah LA, breakfast was really american disgusting stuff provided by the hotel so after that was over we headed to DisneyLand.

We got into DisneyLand and we went to the California Adventure Park first~ (will say the rides we did in order)

Redwood Creek- A childish kind play area that looked better than it was.
Toy Story shooting game- A little spin-around ride where you shot targets and stuff.
No. 1 Roller Coaster- A massive crazy coaster that i chose not to go on because breakfast would not agree with a loop-dy-loop.
Mickey Ferris Wheel- A Child-named Ferris wheel that freaked my dad out because the gondolas where attached to chains and they swung.
Monsters Inc.- A terrible ride which was boring in every concievable way.
Fly-by-california- A 3D no-glasses motion ride where you fly over California virtually, and one scene some people were playing golf and they hit a golf ball right next to us that Marc even ducked.

That was it for that land we had a little hot-dog for lunch before moving onto the DisneyLand in DisneyLand.

Jungle Cruise- They took you on an African safari set with a hilarious guide who made up all these puns about stuff.
Indiana Jones Ride- A roller-coaster ride which we went on twice and my dad was screaming all the way through.
Pirates of the Caribbean- A joy ride where there were only a few rough turns through a themed restaurant area.
Huanted House coaster- A coaster round a relaxing area where they had this really bad comedian loudspeaker voice.
Big Thunder coaster- A wet ride roller-coaster where we went in and out frequently
Matterhorn coaster- Another wet and wild coaster through waterfalls and sprays
Autopia- A drive yourself Race throught mud-water-gravel and grass.
Space Mountain- A crazy dark and faster roller-coaster that did not agree with an ice-cream i had earlier.
Buzz-Lightyear shoot stuff- pretty much the same as Toy-Story!

Finally we ended up going back to the hotel to blog

I am giving up with days!

After Marc and Dad got back from the Cinema we went out for happy hour foods down in the lobby, which was like a free entree to dinner, we weren't really hungry for dinner so we just went down to the restaurant down stairs for a fish and chips.

The next day we choose to rent a car after breakfast and go to the national air and space museum hanger where all the planes where held as well as a space shuttle. There were heaps of cool planes Concords (which my dad had flown in ), Blackbirds ( which my dad hadn't ) and B-29 Super-Fortresses that had dropped bombs on Hiroshima (My dad had not flown in that one). That was just to name a few there were monoplanes, flying wings and a whole bunch of other planes. In the space part the had missiles that could be dropped from space, rocket models and an actual Space Shuttle that had been into space. Then we went up in a control tower with a bunch of other noobs, but it was boring anyway so we went back down with more noobs.

Next we took our car to George Town which is the old part of DC which was full of embassies and annoying roundabouts. We also stopped to look at this mall which was disappointing so we wentback home for dinner which was the Capitol Hill pub bar restaurant thingymagicicallything. I had a shredded beef burger.

In the morning we went to the Airport really early like 5am. Which was infuriating because just yesterday i was in sync with the Washington time-zone. So we got there in a cab and did the american airline check in thing and past security we found out we had rubbish seats that were all apart, so my mum sweet-talked the gate guard thing and we ended up all sitting either next to each other or behind, i even didn't have to sit next to anyone weird (unless Marc counts). So we did the plane trip this to LA we stopped in St Louis to like get some people and drop some people before heading on we did the whole get everything done before leaving the airport to rent a car and drive all the way home.

We had lunch in this chain McDonalds like place called "Denny's" i was adequate so we asked the hotel where the biggest mall was, it was about a 15 minute drive away including mishaps but we got some quality shopping done there for clothes. We ended up dropping dad back of at the hotel and going back to do something and then go back to the hotel to just relax for a while before going to dinner at the international House of Pancakes (Ihop) Which is next door to the hotel, i only had a fruit bowl because i wasn't hungry and it was the only thing that wouldn't make me puke.

I'm blogging at 5:49am LA time :(.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Next Day

Hey, Hey blobs! While i'm walking around DC you guys will be seating your fat buts on a chair of worse couch to read my blog, now is your last chance to turn your backs and stop reading before you get sucked into my fabulous literature and don't stop till the end.

Now after i blogged early morn we had the same breakfast and yeah, so we headed out for the day to the international spy museum. It was a completely random museum with heaps of downs and a few ups ( in my opinion ) but the first hour was fantastic.

The first hour was operation spy it was for above 12 year olds but i did it anyway! My parents really had a look around because it was a bit of and athletic activity so they had look at the museum and the mall. So first we had to find a secret entrance to the fake ' Republic of Kandar ' which is in Asia. We had got briefed on our mission by rendezvous agent and introduced to our senior mission controller 'Sara' my codename was assigned '911' and we moved in. We had bugged a hotel with camera's to have a look AT A SECRET MISSION BETWEEN A SUSPECT AGENT AND A ( stupid caps key ) man in a suit. I tracked the man in the suit with macro while the rest of the agents followed the suspect agent 'Topaz'. We had to move into a decrypting room at headquarters to decipher an encrypted call from the area one voice being the man in suit the other being a SUSPECT CRIMINAL who stole a nucleur trigger from his own power plant. After the encrypted call we decided to storm his house which was empty luckily for us but we still had to deal with security. Once we were in i found the most important document in the room on confirming that he had stolen the trigger and there was going to be an exchange, it was locked in a box under a table out of view. So then it was all spy stuff from there and stuff then we got 4 out of 5 and blah, blah.

We had a look at the museum and i found it boring because i was really famished and unreasonably sad. So finally we went out to this sub-way kind of shop for lunch i had yummy items which i found yummy and itemly.

WE had a walk around Capitol and because of my high sugar levels i was fantastically bouncy! then we split up so Marc could have a cinema movie with dad and i could have a better look at the interactive room in the air and space museum! I had fun there and then mum ( mom ) wanted to have a look at a peacock room with this long boring history before we went to the hotel to blog and stuff and play TETRIS'D on the CPU but Marc and dad still aren't back from cinema!

Can't keep track of Days!

So at some day on some night we went out to this restaurant named Capitol. So it was this family laughing pub kind of restaurant with everybody laughing and talking and stuff. So it was a bit loud, anyway i ordered the ribs and they were sooo gooood!!! The had a nice rich sauce and the ribs were perfectly seasoned.

In the morning the next day u had a better un-jetlagged sleep and went down to have the same breakfast before going on a big walk around the mall area stopping at the white house, and looking at washington monument before making it to this mundane Lincon Memorial. The only highlight was eating Oreo's with double stuff!

We walked back towards the Air and Space Smithsonian Museum. We had a 20-30minute walk to get there from the Memorial so we had a lot of time to throw snowballs. Any way we got there and had a little look at the air part and i didn't much enjoy it so we kind of didn't do any more air rooms because we all they were mundane.

Next we walked (got escalated) up to floor 2 where we watched a half-hour documentry on black holes which was really intresting to hear Einstien's theroies and predictions about Time, Space.

Later we saw all these cool Space modules planetary diagrams and celestial touch downs. We went into interactive rooms where i found out my reaction time is on average about 217 milliseconds.

We ended up walking home again and i didn't get time to blog so we went out to get some dinner at some really cool meat place where they have meat on these massive metal skewers and they cut of peices for you to eat! I was pretty much literally in my happy place!

Then we got back to the hotel went to sleep and here i am blogging from like 6:30 in the morning!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Marc is nuts now

( really crazy, obsessed, possessed, chaotic, destructive, hyperventilating, red-eyed, ghastly, attacking brother right now )

So we woke up in Barcelona and got to the airport so we could leave to the US. We got on a plane to new York for a 9 hour flight then a 5 hour wait in new York then 1 hour trip to Washington then a cab to our hotel. That was that day.

Now we woke up in DC at round 5 cuz of jet lag so everyone but marc was up early in the morning, my dad had a business meeting so he ditched early to go to Virginia.

The buffet breaky the hotel served was so american. But with dad gone we decided to check out the national mall, with washinton monument, 17 DC smithsonian museums and the Capitol.

We decided to get information first at the smithsonian castle and we found that the only thing open was the engraving and note making place so we headed there. It was a decent walk to get to the museum and a small walk around inside with a guide a learnt a bit such as,
The average life span of a 1 dollar bill is 21 months
They only have 2 note making facilities
And 4 coin mints
They think they have good security
But nowhere close to the Aussie notes.

Next seeing as we Learnt that dad was scared of heights we took a trip up what was the tallest building before the Eiffel Tower and still is the tallest pure stone structure, the washinton monument. You could only see north south east and west from the top so it was pretty restricted bit you could see all the smithsonian museums and the potomac along with all other famous buildings in DC.

Next we went to our first smithsonian museum the natural history museum. First. We had a look at all the ancient mammals and how they evolved into what they are today then we saw the African religions and origins. Next we saw the ocean area where our dad met us I really enjoyed the ocean part as there we real giant squid and massive right whales.

After this we went to the dinosaur area which I also found interesting seeing all the fossils and dinosaurs I had read about come to life in virtual animations was amazing. After this we went to see the fossils Part where they had not only dinosaurs but a range of plant animal and humanoid fossils.

Then we had we had a look at more present mammals and how they had become into being. Next we had a look at my specialty the ancient marine animals the ammonites and trilobites evolving in to sea dwelling reptiles that had become the fish and sharks of modern day life.

We then had a quick look around upstairs at the geodes and world famous jewels and gems that are known by almost everyone. We saw the butterflies and human origins which was about how the human evolved in the homo sapiens sapiens that dominate the world. Did you know that you are 60% banana tree and 75% chicken.

Finally we headed back to the hotel with snowball fights along the way.

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