Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 21

Today we went to breakfast served at the hotel, basically an all you can eat buffet. It was really great with cereal, I hadn't had cereal in weeks. Anyway then we went to an art gallery which had some big sculptures and famous paintings, we stayed there for like 3 hours and it a ok. Then we walked along the bridge again before traveling to the largest brick dome in the world, the duomo.

The duomo has 463 steps leading to the very top of the viewing point, we climbed them all. Some were very steep, and it made me think that the rest of my family need to get fitter. It was amazing with the glass windows and massive paintings then all of the domain in Florence from castles to rivers, from gardens to urbanized skyscrapers it was quite amazing.

After the duomo we had lunch near our hotel, then went out for gelato. Before dumping my boring brother at the hotel because he wanted to play DS for the afternoon while the rest went walking to a big fort.

We walked up steep roads to get there but in the end it was closed because risk of falling and dying seeing as 2 people had fallen of in the passed 6 years. So we ended up going to a garden which was just walking around before walking back to the hotel and blogging.

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