Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 19

Night 18 ~ For dinner on Day 18 i chose 2 have a black spaghetti ink with cuttlefish, which i knew was black, but this was literally covered in black squid ink, it was yummy, but i just thought it was revolting so i didn't digest it properly. Then i had calamari, but i had lost my appetite.

Day 19~ we slept in sort of, even though we didn't know it until 7:30. (not much of a sleep in) We brought ourselves together got ready and left by 10 past 8. We left for a small Venician island called Murano which was famous for glass blowing. We spent a while in museums and shops before buying some glass items, i got some glass lollies and a plate.

We left Murano and went back to Venice island to go to the Rialto Bridge, the most important bridge in Venice, and the only one crossing the Grand Canal for centuries. After looking in the shops and admiring the view from the Rialto bridge we went to a big dome building church which was massive and had the prophets in statues. Then we took a peak hour boat to a supermarket 2 buy dinner 4 the train 2morrow and 2 buy dinner. 4 dinner i had a big spaghetti bowl and it was fantastic, we bought a gelato ice cream for the walk home. On the way we saw this dude parking a boat and we thought he was gonna ram the boat ahead but he floored the reverse pedal and perfectly park the boat.

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