Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 27 ( I think )

So I blogged a good breakfast from carcassonne but then we went on to the fortified part the castle.

I had loads fun running around on the battlements and diving of ledges, we went into the castle inside a castle and listened to the history carcassonne. It was interesting and loads of fun, thankfully we couldn't get lost, but if there was any way to i'm sure we could have done it.

We found a cafe inside the walled city and sat down at 11 for an extended dinner. We played a game called carcassonne on my Dad's IPhone in carcassonne I thought it was cool.

After doin another round of the outer wall we went and left for barcelona in Spain. It was a boring 3 hour drive and we got there round 5. It was the best hotel, 4-star and very classy. We left for a dinner at 7.

We had a dinner after a round on the train and a short walk before retracing our steps to the hotel to blog.

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