Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blog to end all blogs!

Hey, I'm like tired person so I am sleepy dude right now. It is about 9:30pm and I just feel tired.

So today we went to Disney land to do a redo of things we loved or didn't have the opportunity to do in the first place, it was a disappointment to see that the water rides were closed but we continued on to the Disney disneyland to go near space mountain. We went on the shoot em up game first where I owned everyone scoring a whopping 178 000 points.

I had just had breakfast so seeing as what it did last time to my stomach I decided to go on a different roller coaster while mum and Marc regretted their choice for the mountain.

While they did that dad and I went on the Matterhorn bobsleds for a ride, sadly we got put on the childish side of the Matterhorn so that prepared my stomach for the redo of it on the good side with mum and Marc.

After the Matterhorn we chose to go to the big thunder coasters ride which was a fairly long queue to get there but it was worth it to go for a second spin the slow ups building up to the spiraling downs was a great experience.

Then we went on a small coaster that we didn't go on last time before heading on a train ride around Disneyland Disneyland to get to the Indiana jones ride which we went on once where you notice things that you had never noticed before such as massive boulders rolling towards you face and a projection of rocks that you run into.

Then we had a little lunch before going back on Indiana for our final ride in Disney Disneyland. We went out to go to California adventure disneyland for
the other shoot em up game which I got owned at.

That was all we got before heading back home after Marc turning down a final ride, we headed to the airport and departed with dad so he could continue on a business trip while we started to blog at gate 121. We had dinner at the airport as well.

Last night dinner like lego land dinner was in down town disney for our last real dinner overseas :( I had a delicious full rack of ribs perfectly seasoned before falling to sleep at awesomely placed hotel right outside Disneyland.

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