Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 18

After I blogged in the morning it took about one hour to get to venice. Firstly the view from the train was spectacular, but you realized that the picture of Venice in your head is the same. It is all run-down eroded building ferry, gondola, exploding platypus and caterpillar power loaders. Once we got there Marc called himself demented.

We walked about fifteen minutes to get to our monastery that we were staying at. We got there and unbackpacked. So we could start traveling for the day. We went to st. Marc square because that is the venice tourist town. We went out for pizza for breakfast and we saw this statue that most of us knew was st. Theodore killing a dragon, but Marc thought it was a fisherman standing on a gondola with a fishing spear in one hand and a fish in the other, when really he was standing on a dead dragon and he had a bloodstained spear in one hand and a shield in the other. About an hour later Marc is hallucinating about metal men moving and hitting a bell, in his blog you might get a different story, but mum and I saw it with our own eyes, I think he is a deaf blind demented platypus. We went into a massive museum with an armory full of guns, swords and fake horses. We also went to a mosaic church full of gold leaf, it basically covered the whole ceiling.

We found a gondola and thought why not so we took it for a half an hour joy ride around Venice, but it cost 80 euros so yeah. Then we spent like two hours looking for marc's non existed gelato place in Venice, he took us on a ferry and a hour walking randomly in streets where you get mugged. Finally we left for our monastery to blog.

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