Saturday, December 25, 2010

Top Ten Tokyo

(really top ten Japan it is just alliterations r so KL!)
1. Vending Machines~Vending Machines in Japan r everywhere and they r fantastic especially my favourite Grape Fanta!
2. Breakfasts! Nearly all the breakfasts were french which is A-O.K with me;)
3. SoftServe Ice cream~ Even though they were Marc's specialty there were so many flavours and they were delicious.
4. Castles~The castles we got 2 see in Japan we amazing double-moats and high towers all blending in with elegance
5.Deer~ The dear in Nara were fantastic we even got 2 feed them.
6. Coi~ the goldfish in Japan we really fun to feed and they always excited you when they jumped and tackled all over each other 2 get food!
7.Ninja stuff~ All the things that Japan had 2 offer for Ninjas were Awesome!
8. Restaurants~I loved moving though all the different Restaurants in Japan they we KL, especially Ninja restaurant, Shibuya!
9. Subway/Railways~The trains and Shinkansens were brilliant movement around Japan.
10. Guides~The guides in Japan helped us understand the area!

P.S. In no particular order
P.S.S Kl stands 4 cool
P.S.S.S Marc is using a Blow drier right now OMG!

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