Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NIGHT 13 / DAY 14

Night 13 ~ We arrived at my Grandfather's House b4 going out 2 dinner with him, he took us 2 a nice Italian restaurant that served us constantly with nice food, i was still get lagged, but getting better. The entree(sort of)was just some nice thin bread sticks with kept our mouthes busy until we were served our main, i had pasta with mediorcre shrimp, fantastic sauce and good beans. After My mum and my brother getting a mindless dessert we finally set of home(hotel).

DAY 14, ~ I WOKE UP AT AROUND 6'O'CLOCK (I hate my dad's Laptop caps is soo easy 2 press) and had the same breakfast, and quickly moved 2 the Louvre art gallery, the one holding the Mona Lisa. We went in lucky that we got there early because the queue quickly extended into a 3 hour wait line b4 getting in 2 the Louvre. First we had a look at the Ancient Egypt section which would have been more interesting if i spoke fluent French and could read it but it was pretty Kl 2 look anyway. Next we went 2 the Roman/Greek section which had lots of statues of ATHENA(goddess of wisdom and battle plans)(seriously the keyboard caps is annoying me) Then we went on our way to the 'Mona Lisa', i think my mom(i'm so american 'mom') is paranoid because she kept thinking the eyes followed you, she was clearly looking 2 the right, wherever i stood she was looking to the right staring at this massive painting. So yeah the Mona Lisa is a small piece of Da Vinci genius junk wow. Next we looked at dutch paintings but we could only find one name any of us recognised. Then we went down 2 floors 2 see some pretty impressive sculptures of various things, such as greek mythology or a Sphinx.

After the Louvre we got some lunch then headed towards the Notre Dame, the queue was half as long as the Louvre but it was moving 5 times faster so we got in pretty quick, the queue 2 climb was shorter but moving 2 times slower then the Louvre. Then Notre Dame was pretty impressive, hundreds of stained glass windows and many statues but then it was only half an hour but shorter wait and more impressive then the Saint Chapelle.

Then after completing a full scale bottom level survey of the Notre Dame we went 2 the Armour and weaponry and war museum or something like that, there were bunches of swords, plane ww2 bombers, hundreds of cannons and hordes of armour. Some of the weaponry was fascinating, but my feet were very sore at the time so we didn't spent a massive amount of tie=me there. After the museum we went 2 Napoleon's Tomb. This was like the best modern tomb somebody could ever want, gold encased dome-shaped roof, 14 sub-rooms, 2 floors, domed-ceiling, massive sacoughphogus, brilliant paintings,3 staircases, security teams and cameras and 4 hallways! After admiring all that we went back home 2 chilax and blog.

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