Saturday, December 18, 2010

Night 2 and Day 3!

Hello guys, you should probably read my mum and dad's blog before mine.

Night 2,- We were just out looking for some restaurant with chicken kebabs out in Tokyo on the street and we end up walking around for half an hour looking for some stupid restaurant and finally we go to one that would have taken 3 minutes to walk to!

Morning 3- we end up going back to that Frech place for breakfast before catching some trains to a garden like temple thingy. It turns out it is a fortuitous day for having weddings so there are like 5 weddings going on at once and there are police guards trying to stop you moving one step, we did see some pretty cool gateways though, the biggest being 15 metres tall and 1.2 metres in diameter for the 2 poles, that makes it the largest in Japan.

Midday 3- We took the train to Akihaburra or something like that, which is kinda like electricity town with anime and televisions and camera's and everything. We ended up in a 'Sega' club and we played video games for about half an hour. On the way 2 some star wars figurines we wound these EPIC electric and bass guitars they were multi-coloured lightning design and squire make! After dabbling into seeing some cool star wars figurines and looking for aussie versions of games that had not come out in Australia we got lost looking for a train line! We spent about 25 minute's looking for a train station which would have taken us 2 seconds to locate if my dad remembered his iphone g-4 had a GPS.

Afternoon 3- We took the train to a place called Ginza and spent a good hour looking for a restaurant with chicken kebabs, my dad really wants to eat some chicken kebabas obviously, so then we end up at some sushi shop with disgusting food and after paying of 1,000 yen there i went and bought myself some bread rolls.

Evening 3- Mum, Marc and I then took the train back to Shibuya where our hotel is while my dad went into the actual suburb of Tokyo to visualise the restaurant we are eating at tonight to avoid spending hours looking.

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  1. I did use the GPS Ryan ;) Just did not realise that the station we were right next to was probably just as good for getting us to where we wanted to go.