Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 13 & Night 12

Night 12 ~ Night 12 4 dinner we went 2 another restaurant just up the road and we ordered our food, then my dad ordered raw beef! That pretty much decimated my appetite, and i ordered 2 much food anyway, although it was pretty good!
Day 13 ~ Yeah 4 breakfast we had same as yesterday morning 4 breakfast, but b4 breakfast my brother kept me awake at 5:30am becuz he was bored and he says it is when he usually gets up but i usually get up at like 7:30am. After breakfast we got off early(for french) 2 get 2 an art gallery, which the french call a museum. It was pretty Kl it had a gladiator exhibition heaps of sculptures. After the Musee we walked 2 the isle where the Notre Dame is and on the way we stopped at a cafe and bakery. The cafe was good class, but the hot chocolate which i ordered, but i was literally hot chocolate, very rich chocolate, when i say literall i mean melted chocolate in a cup! The bakery served us gr8 croissants! We walked 2 Sainte Chapelle which is a big tourist attraction even in Northern Hemisphere winter, we had 2 wait like an hour 4 the queue and then my bro brought his knife (pocket knife) so my dad didn't get 2 come in! THE SAINTE CHAPELLE WAS (soz caps) o.k. but wasn't 2 impressive although u thought the bottom was ornate then u climb 2 the top and there r all these windows filled with these catholic paintings, it was kinda KL, but then you think well that's it and you start 2 think if an hours wait was worth it! After Saint Chapelle we went 2 the Notre Dame, but the queue was way 2 long so we took a train 2 the catacombes which there was actually a person saying it would close b4 you got 2 the start of the queue so we went back 2 the hotel, we chilled out 4 abit then met up with my grandfather 2 go out 2 dinner, we havn't had dinner yet.

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