Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 5

Day 5~Woke up, had French Breakfast, haven't even had a breakfast other than French in another country yet! Work that out, yeah so we met up with our guide, who happened to be the Kobe missionary(we didn't pay her) and went to a Japanese Supa Market.
We found beef and pork at 1000 dollars, not yen a kilo. We also found 50 dollar+ rockmelon and more expensive grapes, fresh food in Japan is really expensive! then we went 2 a 100yen shop kinda like a 2 dollar shop, except everything is 105yen including tax, the prices are strict.
Went up and down the 100yen store, saw a cool skateboard/sk8bored shop and found a 100yen cookery items shop, after exploring the place, we went up this really tall sight seeing tower which was pretty boring. We collected our bags from our hotel and caught a train 2 Kyoto and basically went here, haven't had dinner yet. Marc and i found all these cushions and jumped onto them time and time again. WE got 2 LOUD and got sent 2 write the blog.
Later at 9:09pm Japan time~ L8r back in Shibuya on the first day our dad chucked out 2 wheat insulation heat packs to warm us up at night, although he thought we would not have a microwave, so we chucked them (they were 3 kilo's) and then at Kyoto, here, we found a microwave, go figure!

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