Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 1/2, Tokyo!

Hey guys, I'm writing to you from Tokyo, Japan. We landed in on the 16th of December 2010 at about 5:10 Japanese time, which is 2 hours slower then Australia!. Anyway we caught a 'Narita Express' train to our hotel in Shibuya and had a nice Japanese style dinner before going to bed at the Excel Hotel.

Ok, on day 2 in Japan we woke at about 7:30am Japanese time after waking up at about 5am in the morning after returning to sleep because of jet-lag. We went down stairs and found a french pattisserie for breakfast! For buying food it is about $1-80 yen, but everything is expenisve so keep it to $1-100 yen so you are not dissapointed!

For day 2(today) we hired a cool Japanese guide to show us all around Tokyo! First she took us to the fish markets which are world famous. We ended up seeing some pretty massive fish, the tallest taller then me! Anyway we saw squid, cuttlefish, crayfish, live crab, lobster, eel, salmon and trout. We saw a massive sharp blade perfectly shear salmon into 100g cuts!

Next we went with our guide to the Hama-rikyu gardens which are among the biggest in Japan, kind of like Centennial Park except you have to pay! They were nothing short of fantastic and after that we took a ferry around up two the top of a river.

After a 40-minute ferry trip we went to have a delicious lunch at a noodle shop and the food was fantastic, anyway after lunch we continued to a giant festival having buddist temple, best of all we went into a Ninja/Samuri shop which fetured some pretty cool weapons.

When we had finished dabbling into some old culture of a temple that had been there for 600 years we decided to go another Japanese garden which featured feeding some 'coi'- fish, and ducks. Then we took a train back to a veiwing spot of Tokyo of whick you can see Mount Fugi. Finally we got back on a train and headed back to our hotel!

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