Monday, December 27, 2010

Day what 11/12

Day 11~ For day 11 we woke up at like 6am 2 catch a train 2 the airport, we did like a 2:30 wait for the plane and we took a plane 2 Paris, the plane was from11:05am - 4:25pm and from Paris -Tokyo, Tokyo was 8 hours L8r. We landed in Paris and moved on a bus 2 near our hotel. It was snowing, aWhite boxing day. We got 2 our hotel and i realised i had been up 4 like 20 hours and i was majorly jet-lagged. We had dinner at a cafe up the road and it was pretty fantastic.
Day 12~ I woke up so many times in the night becuz in Japan it would be 12pm in Japan at the time. I had a classic french breakfast, and it was excellent. After breaky we went 2 see and climb the Arc de Triumph, we had 2 climb 243 steps 2 get 2 the top and my whole family was puffed, except 4 me! The view from the top was brilliant! After the arc de triumph, we went 2 see my Grandfather on my father's side we spent lunch there and also got directions soon we were heading towards the Eiffel Tower. We didn't climb 2 the top but we admired it from afar. We haven't had dinner yet, i am really tired so my blog is brief soz!

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