Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day, and the Christmas Eve Night.

Santa came, but we were no nice and didn't leave him milk and cookies so he gave us sweets probably to give him next year. That'a pretty much how close to Christmas in Japan u get so here is how Christmas Eve panned out~
Remember back like day 3-4 or something my Dad kept on looking for his imaginary Yakotori Alley on Ginza, well last night we found it. We were treated like dumb tourists who could not take in our surroundings! The Yakotori was probly 2x in price, the drink menu i didn't get 2 see and there were no complementary side dishes and salads, but he food was still fantastic. Literally there were waiters serving the exact same dish, with some salad right next 2 us and we get no side salad :(. We then returned 2 our instant Marc-sad hotel in Ueno. I went2 bed but in the middle of the night i woke up sick, ON CHRISTMAS DAY, so i was all sick and over-heated/de-hydrated. it took me a while 2 get back sleep but in the morning i was a-o.k ;).
Day 10, i think;)~ Woke up had same old French Breakfast i cannot believe we are having French Breakfasts in Japan we are about 2 stay like 15 days in France! So after breaky we caught the train 2 some East Imperial Gardens! So we walked 0.5km from Tokyo Sta. 2 the Imperial Gardens place! once we got there we found this rest area and marc being a person like marc he just sits there for like 1 hour and goes om nom nom 2 his little sweets from Christmas. While he did that we went around the Gardens and looked at some pretty cool garden sculptures while Marc was going play, play play, eat, play, play, play, eat...
After the gardens we went 2 this PokEmon place that Marc wanted 2 go 2 very boring not much 2 it! Then we changed plans 2 go 2 a garden we found near the PokEmon place, he had a boring time unti we found Coi in one of the ponds which we found, we feed them and one had this humongous fat lip! Then Marc and i invented this war game because there were heaps of knolls which were great cover and we ambushed each other.
After that we went 2 Asakusa 2 find some lunch and look at some things in the touristy shopping village we saw all these epic Ninja keyrings, Ninja suits, Ninja katanas and Ninja Stars! I like Ninjas!:)
We left Asakusa 2 go 2 Ahkihubara, electric city. while my mum went 2 a cafe, the biys went and played video games which was pretty fun! We had dinner in Ahkihabura which was nice Yokatorie this time we were treated well, we had an English Speaking waiter an unpaid entree, free refils for drinks, a fantastic election of sauces and nice chopsticks! On the way out with our stomachs filled with delicious food they gave a ice block! Even though it was close 2 sub-zero temperatures we a8 it anyway and it was good. My dad stayed around in Ahkihabura while we travelled back 2 the hotel, he was worried becuz of all of Marc's Drunkards roaming around!

P.S. I do not believe in Santa
P.S.S Happy Christmas and Merry New Year ;P

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