Sunday, December 19, 2010

Night 3 and Day 4

Ok same as b4 read parents blogs first,

Night 3- We left our hotel to go to some awesome Ninja Restaurant (which my dad went 2 the day b4 to make sure we didn't get lost, as well as booking a place so we didn't end up in some disgusting sushi train) and once we arrived it ended up like this- We were greeted at reception and showed through this awskom hidden door and brought through Ninja training, there were waterfalls, hidden staircases and seemingly magical drawbridges. After we passed our Ninja training we went to the Restaurant and ordered food, we had 10 courses, the ones i remember were; Ninja Charcoal Shuriken Stars which were edible and delicious, my course was also served with an exuberent octopus castle wall, next we had snails which were cooked very well and were served with a fantastic eruption of Ninja style flames, next the served salad with a Ninja black box that had been filled with liquid nitrogen then re-heated, it was hiding an egg in all the steam which was filled with jelly as u cracked it and made a dressing for the salad. Course 8 was the main dish and was fantastic Korean Style Pork for me. After dessert a head Ninja came to the table and showed a display of impossible magic tricks which involved slipping a card out from under my hand with out my noticing and turning a real deck of cards into a glass brick right in between Marc's hand he was an exceptional Ninja.

Day 4~ After sleeping the night at our room we got up really early to catch a train to Kobe, we had bought Breakfast the day b4 but it was groos, except marc got a fatty cake with chocolate layered bread, and that was breakfast, it made me want to puke. Anyway we got on a 3 hour train trip to Kobe, which usually would have also made me puke but it was a pretty good train and i was reading most of the time anyway. After 3 hours of train we dumped our bags at our hotel and even after my dad's previous comment on my last blog post i was utterly convinced that my dad could not use a Global Positioning Station! After finally making to our hotel we went with our Christian Missionary Friend who was living in Kobe Japan for a missionary mission to her church and spent the whole day there, we spent lots of time teaching Japanese people English but it was basically playing on the iPad interacting with Japanese people. Eventually we got back to the hotel and now i am typing this blog

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