Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Night 5 and Day 6

Night 5~ We go out from the Village Hotel Kyoto, and make it to this place where they cook the food in front of you, idk wat it is called. So they make us the food, i decide to get some beef ribs. They serve us the food and then my dad starts eating all my cabbage, now i usually wouldn't care nut this was seriously good cabbage, with marinated sauce and my dad is just there going om nom nom, i didn't say anything because he gave me a squid leg, but still! Then we went out for Chicken Skewers. We get back to the hotel and find these cool Japanese Pyjama clothes which looked epic.
Day 6~ Wake up in the morning and at 7:30 they serve us some revoulting japanese breakfast, it was foul and they gave us all these salted things and it was gross, so we went out and bought some breakfast.
WE went down to the lobby to meet up with this guide she took us on the train to Nara, the old captital of Japan whhich is full of agressive deer. We walked around Nara until we got to a temple with some 20m tall Buddah in it we walked around and crawled through a hole the size of the 20m Buddah's nostrile. We got some food and fed the deer who ran into me and bite because of my food. We then took this 1 hour walk around a lanturn park which had 714 lanterns the way we walked which i counted, becuz thats wat i do.
WE took a train back to Kyoto and went to this massive arch way with lots and lots of big gates that you can go on a 2 hour walk, now these were 2 metres at a max apart and the went on for at least 10 kilometres.
We then walked to some boring Cemetery and got some foreign ice-cream which basically cleared out the day!


  1. Dad says,,. You liked the cabbage? Cool. And I think there were 2000 stone lanterns and we all liked the ice cream.

  2. So where is the photo of the epic pajamas then???
    Oh .. love the photos here and we have been having a good lol here!