Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Oh yeah hi guys it is Christmas Eve!, not really that big in Japan, yesterday was bigger some Emperor's B-Day. Any ways 2day we had another french breakfast in Ueno (pronounced Uewanyo). We then went 2 the Emperor's Tokyo palace, fortunately for Marc it was closed, unfortunately for the rest of us it was closed so we decided 2 switch plans 4 2day with 2morrow so we went 2 Hakone to get some sweet views of Mt Fugi.
Half an hour on the train to somewhere then half an hour again 2 get 2 a place with a cable car. We took the cable car across gorges and alpine golf fields then landed some place 2 hav lunch. We took this epic boat across some water and you could literally smell the sulfur coming form the hot springs. After taking pics on the boat next to some statues we landed back at a bus stop 2 take us 2 a train station, but it wasn't meant 2 be. We walked 2 kilometres through fabulous scenery and got 2 a gr8 viewing point of Mt Fugi. We walked it 2 the nxt bus stop and caught the bus then train back to ODAWARA.

Odawara Castle~ after arriving in Odawara we went 2 the castle, Marc was craving really badly for a soft serve ice-cream so he thought Odawara was Japanese for soft serve. We climbed to the high grounds of the castle and thought of ways ninjas could scale it. We found a vending machine in Odawara Castle that dispensed ice-creams, but not soft serve, Marc still went bananas. We waited for the Shinkansen which is bullet train in Japanese 2 get 2 Odowara(soft serve) so we could get back 2 Train terminal, in the w8 we found this gaming place with heaps of Video Games, Marc and I had a couple of Spins b4 getting on the train 2 Tokyo.

Dinner~We took the train one stop from Tokyo 2 some suburb to go to Yakotori (chicken skewer) alley for dinner, it was supurb, really good so we left with our stomachs filled, while we where there we had, Gizzard Skewers, Liver Skewers, Chicken Skewers, Pork Skewers, Eggplant Skewers, Heart Skewers and Tongue Skewers, I made a nice spicy soy based spice sauce, but make thought i was being gross, but he can hardly talk seeing as he likes Peanutbutter, Honey, Jam and Vegimite Sandwiches. After leaving back to get the train 2 Ueno we talked and walked and thought about how my dad hadn't failed at taking us places in the past 3-4 days, spectacular really, anyone reading should clap him on, come on clap, clap, clap! After Marc's non-stop speech about us promising him a soft-serve at Osaka castle and the shop closing while we were making personally made coins we finally found a soft serve place in Ueno, his moaning stopped and we finally made it into the hotel!

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