Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Night 6 and Day 7

For Dinner Night6/7 we had the same thing, it was really good and my dad didn't steal my food which was awesome, although my brother was pestering me to get my fantastic meat, but he had the exact same dish so i just think he's a whiny noob.

Day 7 was really eventful, we had 4 massive things such as the Kyoto Shogun Tokugawa Imperial Castle, which was pretty boring, then we went to the Kyoto Imperial Palace, which was interesting but uneventful. Then we took the train to Osaka and we got to see the biggest aquarium in the world! As we entered there were informative things saying we were touring around the 'ring of fire'! We saw massive sea otters get fed, Whale Sharks roam and get fed, dolphins doing tricks in the air and getting fed, porpoises playing with basketballs and jelly fish sticking to glass, it was easy to believe that they could not process thought. Every time a penguin or Sunfish came up to Marc and I we went 'Hello' in these stupid tones. After the Aquarium we went to Osaka castle, it had a massive moat and Marc kept on criticising the defences of Japanese, but i admired them as you could push a boat down the wall and get into the moat with a quick getaway. We made our own coin and Osaka castle was at least 50m tall. On the way back to our hotel in Kyoto i called Marc a dinosaur and then he kept going on about being a 62 million year old pimply beast who had been to almost every country in the world.

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